Student Vaccination Policy

Dewey University vaccination policy responds to requirements set forth by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) regarding participating Title IV schools. Specifically, HEOA Section 488 (a)(1)(E): amended HEA Section 485(a) (1) (20 U.S.C. 1092(a)(1)): added HEA Section 485(a)(1)(V). HEOA amendment effective August 14, 2008; DCL GEN 08-12, page 96; and provides additional information to the existing request for immunization information. As such, Dewey University has also followed the guidelines and codes established by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico and Law Num. 25 of Vaccinations of September 25, 1983. The minimum requirements for students enrolling full-time at Dewey University are provided below. Additional vaccinations and/or screenings may be required for admission to specific degree programs. Required Vaccinations All incoming full-time or part-time students, prior to enrolling, must be vaccinated against: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Meningococcal Disease, and Hepatitis B. Students must also be fully immunized against Varicella (chicken pox), as well as receive screening for Tuberculosis (TB). Recommended Vaccinations in addition to the required immunizations listed above, it is the recommendation of DU that students be vaccinated annually for Influenza, and Pneumonia. Proof of Vaccination Evidence of vaccinations must be registered and provided through the P-VAC-3 Form (green Sheet).
Exemptions Students may request to be waived from the immunization requirements on the grounds of religious belief, philosophical beliefs, or for medical reasons. The requirements for waiving based on these grounds are further described below. ​Medical Exemption: ​​A statement from a licensed physician must be submitted that states a student’s physical condition is such that administration of one or more of the required immunizing agents would be detrimental to his or her health. ​Religious Exemption: ​​A request must be made in writing by the student, or a parent/guardian if under 18 years of age, for the religious waiver form. ​Philosophical Exemption: The student, or a parent/guardian if under 18 years of age, must submit in writing a personal statement indicating the reasons why he or she has chosen not to receive the vaccinations. Included in the documentation must be a statement that the individual has read the Guidelines and Requirements for Immunization of the Puerto Rico Department of Health, according to Law 25, of September 25, 1983.
Requests for exemption should be sent to the dean of students office, during the enrollment process. Outbreaks and Non-Vaccinated Individuals If there is an outbreak at DU any student who is not fully compliant with the immunization requirements may need to receive additional vaccines, leave campus, or be restricted from class attendance for a period of time. If an unvaccinated student is asked to leave campus due to his or her immunization status in the event of a vaccine preventable disease outbreak, DU will not be responsible for financial implications as a result. This includes, but is not limited to, travel; missed academic class time; and physician bills, appointments, or treatment. In the event a student does not provide documentation of appropriate vaccination or appropriate waivers for non-vaccination, the University reserves the right to place a hold on the student’s account and/or dismiss the student from campus until these requirements are met.