About CASHPR 2

Proposed Activity: In designing an appropriate and effective solution to institutional problems, DU-C researched similar programs at other institutions to identify innovative approaches from which our students can benefit. As a result of that research, DU-C intends to build on successful models to create up-to-date, relevant, and engaging programs of study as we:

  • Develop and equip a Simulation Lab, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, and Business Lab to engage our students in interactive learning, supported by 21st-century instructional tools;
  • Develop curricula for a new Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and two new concentrations for the existing BBA degree program (Finance and Entrepreneurship);
  • Adapt select curricula for the three new bachelor’s degree programs for hybrid delivery;
  • Equip classrooms with instructional technology to support nursing and business students
  • Establish a structured academic support system, including creating a Tutoring Center, to foster success among our students.

Budget Request: DU-C requests a five-year budget of $2,624,733 for this Activity, the first Title V application ever undertaken by Dewey University-Carolina.
This Title V application addresses the Absolute Priority (increase the number and proportion of high-need students who are academically prepared for, enroll in, or complete on time college, other post-secondary education, or other career and technical education). It also addresses Competitive Preference Priority 1 (tutoring, counseling, and student service programs designed to improve academic success) and Competitive Preference Priority 2 (development and implementation of high-quality online or hybrid credit-bearing and accessible learning opportunities).