Hato Rey: Performance Information Degree Programs

Hato Rey Campus

Business Administration in Accounting (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:65%| Placement:100%| Licensure:N/A

Business Administration With A Concentration in Accounting (Bachelor's Degree)

Retention:61% | Placement:75% | Licensure:N/A

Civil Engineering Technology in Construction (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:67% | Placement:80% | Licensure:N/A

Computer Specialist (Bachelor's Degree)

Retention:50% | Placement:100% | Licensure:N/A

Electrical Engineering Technology In Computers (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:50% | Placement:50% | Licensure:N/A

Electrical Engineering Technology In Electronics (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:42% | Placement:100% | Licensure:N/A

Environmental Engineering Technology (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:71% | Placement:50% | Licensure:N/A

Graphic Design (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:80% | Placement:60% | Licensure:N/A

Health Services Management Information System and Medical Record (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:N/A | Placement:0%| Licensure:N/A

Health Services Management Medical Billing And Coding (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:N/A | Placement:0% | Licensure:N/A

Medical Emergencies (Paramedics)(Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:51% | Placement:0% | Licensure:N/A

Nursing Scieces (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:59% | Placement:51% | Licensure:71%

Nursing Sciences (Bachelor's Degree)

Retention:69% | Placement:59% | Licensure:69

Nursing With Specialty in Anesthesia (Master's Degree)

Retention:84% | Placement:0% | Licensure:N/A

Nursing With Specialty in Mental Health and Psychiatry (Master's Degree)

Retention:88% | Placement:100% | Licensure:N/A

Office Systems Administration (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:76% | Placement:88% | Licensure:N/A

Office Systems Administration (Bachelor's Degree)

Retention:79% | Placement:75% | Licensure:N/A

Graphic Design (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:80% | Placement:60% | Licensure:N/A

Pharmacy Technician (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:57% | Placement:67% | Licensure:22%

Preschool Education (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:53% | Placement:45% | Licensure:N/A

Preschool Education (Bachelor's Degree)

Retention:59% | Placement:0% | Licensure:N/A

Respiratory Therapy (Academic Associate's Degree)

Retention:46% | Placement:0% | Licensure:N/A